ThousandFlowers Honey 500 gr

The Italian expression «millefiori» («thousand-flowers») means that this kind of honey do not originate fram a plant in particular, but from a multitude of flowers. So it is clear, that this honey can have every year different colour and teste (in the others, which are monofloral, these characteristics are always steady).
The «millefiori» is the kind of haney which is the most preferred from the customers of Fattoria Uccelliera. At the beginning, when it is extracted from the honeycombs, has a liquid-state; then, in the long run and by
fall in temperature, it granulates. That is due to the high concentration in glucose and to natural chemical-physical procace, which do not cause any adulterations to the properties of the product. If You want to bring it again ta the liquidstate, it is enaugh to dip the jar in warm water, not aver 40 degrees.